Tips To Buying A 2 Bedroom Apartment In Ghana


Finding 2 bedroom apartments in Accra at the lowest budget with the best location and size requires a lot of effort. Accra is a really big place with a lot of apartments available for sale and for rent and this makes picking one out of the lot a difficult and stressful period. It is simply because you need to consider a lot of factors that suit your financial status. You will be going crazy if you are to be looking one by one since there are so many apartments available that you cannot even count.


Some people looking for apartments or homes are not satisfied with the limited amount of space that is provided by a studio or one-bedroom spaced apartment. Some two-bedroom units might look like there is more room but are actually the same size as other studio apartments but have been heavily divided into smaller units. One option that is available is getting a two-bedroom unit that is designed to provide a spacious interior with enough rooms to allow for a comfortable lifestyle. There are several reasons why a couple or individual would want to consider going for a two-bedroom apartment. I will share a few with you before I go ahead and dive deeper into some things to consider when buying your apartment.

Advantages of two-bedroom apartments in Accra

The number one advantage of having a two-bedroom apartment is extra space and room for guests. If you happen to have family and friends staying over at the apartment for one or more nights, you can benefit from the extra room you have available and they won’t need to take your space and have you arrange space to sleep On the couch. A two-bedroom is pretty easy to arrange a room for your guest and make them feel at home while you also enjoy your privacy in your room.

Finally, if you have a family or kids coming over a lot, a two-bedroom unit is perfect since there will be extra space for the kitchen and bathroom, unlike a studio apartment where the kitchen is just 3 steps away from the hall. The extra space will be great and you can have your dining table set up in there as well and sit as a family to enjoy your food in comfort. You also get extra space in the bathroom as you can have a single larger bathroom and also one in the master bedroom so others can access the single bathroom when they visit.

I think this should be some solid reasons to help you consider going for a two-bedroom apartment, and now we can discuss some few pointers to consider when looking to make a purchase.

In this article, I will be speaking on quite a number of things when looking for an apartment with a two-bedroom design and you will gain some tips in finding the most reasonable 2-bedroom apartments for sale or rent in the shortest time possible and at your ideal location and within your budget. 

Prices of 2 bedroom apartments in Ghana

To begin with, let’s talk about the average prices of 2 bedroom apartments in Ghana. If you are looking to purchase an apartment from high-end neighborhoods like East Cantonments, East Legon, Dzorwulu, and Airport Residential you should be looking to dish out between US$200,000 – US$400,000 for an above-average neighborhood like Achimota you should be looking at a budget of US$100,000 – $250,000 for neighborhoods out of town and lower rates due to their locations such as Ashongman estate you should be looking at a budget between US$30,00 – US$80,000. All these prices are for two-bedroom apartment designs only so do keep that in mind.

The second thing to consider when looking for an apartment to buy is the location. After you have drawn your budget and done your research on the various prices of certain residencies, you can now narrow it down to the neighborhoods you can afford. There are a number of websites that can help you filter between your searches for a two-bedroom apartment like Ghana Property Finder where you can input the location and the price range as well to have a number of listings available for you to choose from. This makes it easier for you and saves you time from visiting one apartment at a time. Using such avenues to search out a property online is just the beginning, if you do happen to find a property you are interested in I will suggest you book a time to meet with the real estate agent or brokerage firm to take a tour of the property you are looking to purchase. Some real estate agents will charge you a fee before you get to take a look at the property or apartment you are interested in. 

Lastly, what you want to do after locating an apartment you like is to check with the owner or company on the rules and regulations, all though you have purchased it, there are other residents there as well and some apartments do not allow for pets, loud music and parties. These are things you must be aware of before finally making payment to ensure it is the perfect place. You should also check if the location is convenient for you. Do they have the necessities you need around and the right facilities like Supermarkets, Fuel stations, banks, and hospitals? Some people have special needs and you do not need to travel all the way to get them.  

There are several apartments and homes you can find in the heart of Accra with various designs available to choose from. These kinds of homes are suitable for single individuals and also for small families that are looking for a new space to move into.  You can visit this page to have a more extensive look at the kind of designs that you can pick out for your 2 bedroom apartment.

These are just a few things you need to look out for and consider when looking for a two-bedroom apartment in Ghana. Best of luck with your search and we do hope these pointers will come in handy when you are looking for your next apartment to purchase or rent.

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