Top Penthouse In Ghana 

Penthouse In Ghana

When it comes to luxury living in Ghana you can locate the best of the best in the capital city Accra. Accra is home to over 1.500 million people, expatriates and tourists included. Aside from the luxurious Hotels, Restaurants, Malls and beaches there are tons of apartment buildings with Top Penthouse suites available for rent/sale, and can be sighted all over town. If you can afford the high life there are a number of neighbourhoods you should look out for if you look to move to the Big city on a permanent basis.


Your dream house might be a penthouse, villa or a condominium. The main thing is to decide what suits you the best. If you have the funds and are looking for a plush residence but dependent on the advice of the property dealers to decide for you the best option, then be prepared to get a different set of answers from each one of them. For them, whatever they have in their kitty to sell is the best option for you. It is thus necessary to widen your scope of knowledge before you reach out to any of them especially when you are looking for a penthouse. 

What Do You Consider A PentHouse

A penthouse is basically an apartment or unit on the highest floor of an apartment building, condominium, or hotel. However this has not always been the case. In the past the “penthouse” of a building was considered only to be the apartment located on the top floor of the building. These units were not necessarily considered to be high end living and were not significantly different from the other residential units in the building. The only exception was that they were the highest unit in the building. Over the years, the term “penthouse” has definitely evolved. Penthouse units are now considered to be high end luxury living units on a high level- but not necessarily the very top floor of the building.

Now that we know what a penthouse is, Let me share with you some locations to find some of the top penthouse apartments for rent. Some of the apartments and properties mentioned here will have prices that differ during peak seasons and regular seasons.


Number one on our list to find penthouses in Ghana will be;


Airport Residential Area, Accra

Airport Residential Area is 5 minutes’ drive west of Kotoka International Airport and the finest place to live in Accra. It is quiet, clean and very secure. Home to many Prominent individuals like the former President John Kuffour. There are many top hotels and serviced apartments to choose from. One of the most notable apartment buildings you should look out for is Kwarleyz Residence.

Their Presidential penthouse suites offer confidentiality, serenity and a sense of grandeur. These penthouses were designed for the total luxury living experience. The presidential penthouses are a fusion of bold design, art and fashion all delivered for an appreciating audience, who truly understand the luxury living experience. The penthouse Bedrooms are beautifully designed to suit the modern-day lifestyle with parquet, marble floors and opulent furnishings. If you are one that appreciates luxury and want to live in the centre of this vibrant city then Kwarleyz Residence is definitely for you. Below are some exquisite images of the plush 3 bedroom penthouse suite

Penthouses In Ghana

You should expect to pay around $US4,000 a night to enjoy all the views from this high rise penthouse suite, during peak periods like Christmas when everyone is in town for all the festivities you should be paying around $US8,000. Speaking with Atuobi Debrah Kissi of Belfast management limited he assures you of a lovely stay and be ready to enjoy the best home service your money can pay for. Kwarleyz bost of a rooftop swimming pool, a spa, steam room, state of the art gym and a sauna. There is also a secure underground car park, a fine restaurant and coffee shop where you can relax and pass time. If you are looking for a penthouse in the Airport residential area, Kwarleyz should definitely be on your list.

Cantonments, Accra

Cantonments is the second finest place to live in Accra. It is one of the best locations to live considering how easy it is to access your everyday needs. Just a 15min drive from the airport. Possibly the best Junior to senior high school in Ghana, ”GIS ( Ghana International School) is located here, nearby osu is a 10- 15min drive as well where you can visit many supermarkets, eateries, clubs and pubs for those that enjoy the nightlife. There are many gated community estate houses to choose from including townhouses and some high rise apartments. The cost of living in Cantonments is not for everyone so you should be financially stable to decide to move here. Speaking of Penthouse availability There are a number of apartments you should look out for here, one notable one with penthouses is Bel Air Crest which is 10min away from osu and 30min from the airport and you should be looking at paying $US4,000 a month.. Below are some images of these beautiful penthouse apartments.

Bel Air Crest

top penthouse designs


Osu, Accra

Osu is not a planned residential area but does offer service apartments for middle-income class and foreign nationals who like to enjoy the nightlife. Built in the midst of century old buildings, the popular Oxford Street in Osu is noted for its many restaurants, cafés and brisk 24/7 businesses. There are many pubs and restaurants to choose from whatever the occasion, numerous restaurants and eateries also thrive in this busy side of town. You are sure to find just about anything you need on the daily.


Right at the entrance of the oxford street stands the Tall and elegant No.1 Oxford Street Building. This megastructure broke records and changed the skyline of Accra. Even by the look of this beautiful building one will be left in awe at the luxury that awaits you in the penthouse suites. The experience here is second to none and you will definitely be looking forward to your next return. Another work of art from Wonda World has caught the eye of every single individual driving into Osu. It is hard to miss and you will definitely love the view of the Lamborghini Aventador that has been beautifully displayed at the foot of the building, and you know what? This Lamborghini was bought from the famous footballer Christiano Ronald by Nana Kwame Bediako. It adds a touch of class to this already exquisite masterpiece Architectural design never seen in Ghana. You should be looking at roughly $US4,500 a night to rent out their penthouse suites and during peak periods as high as $US9,500. Just take a look at the fabulous structure below.

penthouse for sale in Ghana

Enjoy some Exclusive pictures below from the Penthouse suite of No.1 Oxford Street.

top penthouse designs to look out for in 2021

I will definitely say if you are looking for a penthouse for sale in Ghana you should check out these amazing places. Now there are still projects that are being worked on by other prominent real estate companies like Earl Beam. With quite a number of upcoming projects in the pipeline they are sure to deliver some of the top penthouse designs to look out for in 2021. Trust me, the designs that are going to be constructed are some of the most beautiful buildings you will come across. That being said, let me share some exclusive pictures of one of the most anticipated projects that will be right in the heart of Dzorwulu which is a 30 minutes drive from the airport

what is a penthouse

Now if this does not get you excited I don’t know what will. Earl beam is certainly one of the top real estate companies with amazing designs that beautify the city of Accra. You should take some time to view some of their projects such as the Earl Heights apartment below. 


Earl Heights Situated in a serene and secluded yet easy to locate environment, Earl Heights Suites hotel sets a new standard for urban sophistication and unrivaled affordable luxury in Accra. The suites boutique is a great choice for business purposes and for travelers who want to relax, see interesting places and enjoy good food.  The hotel has luxurious, spacious and well-furnished suites ranging from 55-235sqm, conference/board rooms, a restaurant, a business center, a terrace bar, a swimming pool, a gym, and a 24hrs reception service together with security. Earl Beam also has a restaurant where you can come enjoy all your lovely meals. The Eliza’s Restaurant offers contemporary fusion cuisine, Continental, Oriental and Local Ghanaian cuisines, for our in-house and walk-in guests as well as offer corporate breakfast and lunch. This elegant venue can seat up to 50 guests and is perfect for exclusive events.


There are more beautiful apartments that can be found in the airport area on the mainstreet like the Mirage apartment. This towering building cannot be missed when you drive by it. The Mirage Residence is located on the Liberation Road in the Airport province, just two minutes’ drive from Kotoka International Airport. The location is a perfect setting shaped by easy access to the airport, shopping malls, schools, restaurant and business centers.  The Mirage provides you with modern interior architecture and comfort to bring you the highest standard of luxury living in Accra. Aside from the luxurious settings provided to you there are several amenities and services you can gain access at your residence. You can have access to Business Lounge, Business Center, Chef’s Table Room, Mini Market, Hairdresser Salon, Fitness Center, Café & Bar, Housekeeping & Laundry, Kids Club, Swimming Pool, Multipurpose Sports Area, Entertainment Room and Children Playground at Mirage Residence. From meeting rooms to event room, yoga & pilates studio to PlayStation room, have easy access to everything right at your doorstep.


Enjoy some beautiful views of the airport area right from your balcony at the Mirage Residence. Enjoy some exclusive images from the suites in the Mirage and the beautiful skyline.

Top penthouse in Ghana

This wonderful building was developed by Turquaz Residence under the Gorke Yapı group. You are sure to enjoy your stay in this lovely residence. Whether you are looking to rent or buy an apartment, there is a plan for you.

Not too far from the Airport district stands the majestic Villagio Vista apartments in Dzorwulu. Definitely the tallest residential building in Ghana, this towering apartment comes with an amazing view of the Accra night lights from your room, penthouse suit or the popular rooftop Skybar. This apartment has marvelled Ghanaians from the onset with its colourful view and design. Villagio Vista has Four thermally-massive buildings, ranging from seven to 30 storeys that are positioned to capture a central leafy landscape. Each building is distinguished by a boldly patterned skin inspired by Kente weavings and cantilevering upper floors that address specific local and more distant landmarks. This is one project that created its own landmark in the city of Accra. This amazing project cost a staggering £80,000,000. Unfortunately we were not able to get you inside images of this plush apartment and it’s penthouse suites but you can be assured of the luxury associated with the Villagio Vista brand.  Enjoy some lovely views from outside.

penthouses in Ghana


Last but not the least we are going to go across town and head back to cantonments where we can locate the Altitude  apartments. This building has its own unique architecture that immediately lets it standout. This apartment features A penthouse unit with a private garden.  Fully ventilated underground parking facility.  Passenger lift,.  Backup power generators.  24-hour security and concierge service. Altitude has a rooftop oasis, with views of the city’s skyline makes it  a private hideaway secluded within an utterly chic and urbane design. Altitude Residence’s rooftop boasts a state of the art infinity pool, sundeck, and a fully equipped and air conditioned gymnasium and wellness centre. Skillfully designed to appeal to the most refined tastes. Take a look at some of its exclusive 3Ds.

I think it’s fair enough to say we have given you a fair idea of some of the beautiful penthouse suites available in Ghana and some pretty amazing neighborhoods you should checkout when looking for a penthouse in Ghana. Also should you be looking for beautiful serviced apartments and suites, look no further than Earl Beam Realty. A  creative, innovative, and people-oriented organization that provides only the highest level of service and standards in the real estate industry.


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