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studio apartment

Studio apartments are becoming an increasingly favorite selection for a lot of people, especially single young guys or young couples not looking to splurge too much on getting their own space.. Studios are generally one room apartments with a shared living and sleeping location. They typically have a little kitchen space at the same time being a smaller bathroom location that generally has a toilet along with a shower. Since space is at such a premium, studio apartments have a tendency to be quite affordable. This makes them really well-known with young men and women. Studio apartments also usually are quite uncomplicated to clean due to their small size.

When purchasing or renting a studio apartment, you will come to discover that you’re living in quite a big space that has been well partitioned to fit in all your needs. This sort of living is familiar to a lot of people, but some may perhaps not have experienced house living prior to moving into a studio apartment. You will need to be sure of where you look to get your apartment and also quite aware of your neighbors.

This means that you shouldn’t be loud or messy, particularly late at night or early from the morning. There might be some rules for your condo block that you will require to learn and adhere to. Safety is also something you need to think about. Continually keep your door locked as the hallways to these studio type apartments are pretty quiet and anyone can sneak in at any time. Sometimes people get confused when we talk about studio apartments and one bedrooms. These are two different spaces and the difference is pretty simple.

Difference Between A Studio Apartment and One Bedroom

So like I said, the defining difference between a studio and one bedroom apartment is the features. A1-bedroom usually has a separate bedroom area that is distinct and closed off from the living room and kitchen area so you basically have to enter each separate space through a door or a doorway type of design. With A studio apartment, this is generally a self-contained space that houses everything in a single room with a separate bathroom. You can easily walk around a studio apartment without opening any doors except for the bathroom unlike a one bedroom.

Below is a clear studio apartment plan example.

studio apartment plan examples

Notice how you have access to every part of the apartment and the only partition in the building has to do with the bathroom area and this is accustomed with studio apartment designs. 

Now below is a floor plan of a one-bedroom apartment. Notice the distinct difference in the partitioning of the space. You have the bedroom separate from the hall and dining area and allows you to have more privacy as compared to a studio apartment. You can also access the bathroom from your bedroom and don’t necessarily have to go through the hall to get there but that is also dependent on the design on the apartment. 

studio apartment designs

Although studio apartments mainly have the same design they vary in sizes, the difference might not be too clear on-site but you can have apartments that are bigger than others. 


Now that we have seen how studio apartments look and also clarified the difference between a studio apartment and a 1 bedroom which is often confusing, let us take a look at some wonderful studio apartments in Accra.

Accra houses some of the most beautiful apartment blocks you can find in Ghana, various high and medium class neighbourhoods have allowed real estate companies to build marvelous structures that come in various designs and eye catching architecture. To begin let’s take a visit to Cantonments, one of the top 3 prime neighbourhoods you can find in Accra.  Not far away from the American Embassy lies The Pearl In The City Apartment, you can hardly miss it due to the nature of its colorful exterior. Once you enter this apartment block you are met with beautiful design and the green surroundings just add to the beauty of it, A walkway that has an amazing ambience leads you straight into the forecourt of this wonderful apartment building. They have quite a number of studio apartments available for rent should you be in town for a while and looking for a place to stay. Enjoy some beautiful pictures from The Pearl In The City below.


Exterior View, The Pearl In The City

studio apartment ideas

Interior View, The Pearl In The City Studio Apartments.

studio apartment in accra

As you can see in the image above, there are different studio apartment designs to choose from at The Pearl In The City. Comfortable beds and ample space for you during your stay in Accra.

Next off we have the Embassy Gardens, This complex designed by Clifton Homes brings tranquil Garden Square Living to the heart of Accra’s distinguished diplomatic district, just 500m from the US Embassy in Cantonments.   With communal gardens, three swimming pools and a dual-storey Wellness Complex the community is designed for residents’ health, wellbeing and happiness. With a number of studio apartments available in this complex you should definitely find a space for yourself when you are in town. Checkout some fine interior and exterior looks from Embassy Gardens below.

Exterior View, Embassy Gardens

studio apartment designs

Just look at this beautiful view you get from your balcony when you wake up or after a long day you just chill and soak in the ambiance, the swimming pool also allows for you to take a dip when the heat is up and relax and have a drink with friends as well. You should definitely enjoy your stay in one of their many studio apartments.

Interior View, Embassy Gardens

studio apartment plan examples

Enjoy simplicity and luxury at the same time when you visit the Embassy Gardens at East Cantonments. 


Another apartment where you can find loads of studio apartments is The Gallery, another highrise apartment by Clifton homes that can be located at the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange opposite Accra Mall. The Gallery is located in the heart of Accra, just a 10 minute drive to Kotoka International Airport and a short walk from the Accra Mall.   The development enjoys a suite of leisure facilities,residents have wonderful views of the city from the rooftop terrace and poolside that is popular with residents of Accra.

Exterior View, The Gallery

studio apartment in accra

Rooftop Poolside

Poolside studio apartment ideas

Interior View, The Gallery

what is a studio apartment vs one-bedroom

With stylish interiors and hotel-class facilities you’ll immediately feel at home whether staying for one night or one year.

These are just a few apartment buildings we will speak on today, there are loads of beautiful apartments in Accra to choose from but before we end this blog if you are looking for more studio apartment ideas then you should keep an eye out for Earl heights. It comprises modern luxury two bedroom apartment options alongside standard and premium suits to choose from. Earl heights can be located at Dzorwulu, one of Accra’s top neighborhoods where you can enjoy the views and the calm settings that come with this neighbourhood

Exterior View, Earl Heights

what is a studio apartment vs one-bedroom

This lovely apartment block consists of a poolside and a bar where you can go down to relax and catch up with friends.

Interior view, Earl heights

earl heights studio apartments


Poolside & bar

studio apartment plan examples

A beautiful poolside to relax and you can get drinks at the bar situated right next to the pool. Earl heights provides you with all you need to have a beautiful and relaxed stay. 

They created an all extended stay hotel to give their guests a home from home environment. Each spacious apartment has its own fridge/microwave and has more living/working space than a conventional hotel. Guests can use the fully equipped kitchen to prepare their own meals and use our on site laundry facilities. There is also limited free WIFI throughout the hotel.

I am sure you have definitely got a lot of ideas and will be looking forward to visiting some of these locations mentioned in this article. Enjoy yourself and always stay safe. 


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